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The legal system, under intellectual property law, has rules for enforcing and securing rights to non-tangible assets such as designs, inventions, and artistic works. These laws cover a broad spectrum of legal issues involving patents, trademarks, contracts, copyrights and more. An intellectual property lawyer works with businesses and individuals to protect their intellectual assets. Finding the right lawyer is a critical step towards benefiting from creative works and protection from infringement.


One of the most crucial factors to bear in mind when looking for the right intellectual property lawyer is their specialization. Your lawyer of choice must be an expert in the particular type of legal problems or issues you are facing. Levels of expertise can vary widely from generalists to experts in specific sub-specialties.

Intellectual property law will primarily involve transactional work and litigation. Some lawyers will specialize in one or the other while some will do both. For instance, if you want to apply for copyright protection, an intellectual property attorney who specializes in transactional work should suffice. However, if your legal issues involve a lawsuit, it’s best to find an attorney with litigation experience in intellectual property cases.

Lawyer Referral Service

You may opt to simply search for lawyers near me and come up with a list of potential firms/individuals. It also helps to ask other people in your line of business if they can recommend any attorneys. But, an excellent place to start your search is at a lawyer referral service. A good referral service will allow you to narrow down your search to find an intellectual property lawyer in your locality who can meet any special needs you may have.


Finding the perfect lawyer for your situation may involve doing some background research on the lawyers you’ve shortlisted. Check out the attorney website to get an overview of their biography. Read through client reviews, check what they offer and be sure they have proper credentials for the job.


Different attorneys will charge varying rates for their services. Rates can be competitive so you can save some cash by shopping around before hiring. However, always expect to pay more for an attorney with an excellent reputation in a given area of expertise. For instance, patent law is so specialized so you can expect patent lawyers to charge higher rates or fees.

Ask Questions

Before hiring, prepare a list of questions that will help you make a more informed decision. Ask for references and find out whether there are any conflicts of interest. You wouldn’t want to hire an attorney representing any interested or opposing parties. Also, ask for a copy of the lawyer’s agreement. Read the terms of the contract carefully and seek clarifications where necessary.

Trust Your Gut Instincts

Crosscheck any information you get against references and other sources. Your gut instincts and common sense can help you make the right choice. If there’s anything amiss, you can always go back to the drawing board. Ultimately, you want to hire an attorney with whom you’re comfortable. It’s all about choosing a legal representative who you think will best represent your interests.

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